The RAF662 CFSG is very rich with pilots.  From Private to Commercial from Cargo to  Fighter.  From W.W.II to the Gulf War and from all around the Earth.   Stories from a Military or Civilian Career, some humorous, some horrific, and some astounding.  These are true accounts written by the pilots themselves.   Thanks to all those that have shared their accounts with us so far.  RAF_Dynotech

A word from one of our more prolific writers Lieutenant Colonel Don Archer USAAF Retired  AKA RAF_Yank.

``I would like to dedicate my stories to all the "Real Heroes" of World War II... the guys who never made it home. In my mind they are the real heroes. I was lucky enough to come home get married, have a decent job, had some kids and grandkids. Many of my friends and comrades did not. I'd also like to salute my former enemies the Germans. I have had a chance to meet a few former German soldiers and I have no animosity towards them. I did at the time, but I do not now. I believe we were fighting to rid the world of oppression from an evil maniac and his henchmen. I think the average German pilot or soldier was just doing his job to protect and defend his country, however misguided that cause." -RAF_Yank

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Stories by RAF_Yank

1999, 2000 Lieutenant Colonel Don Archer USAAF Retired


My First Kills


My Third Kill


My First and Only Ride in a Hawker Hurricane


The Worst of Times


Arrested by General Patton


Yank's Liquor Store


``Mustang Pilots? Eat my Exhaust!"


Friendly Fire


Time to Live and Let Live


Closing Days


Humorous Moments


Booze and Babes

A Danish War Story
by: Michael Sundsig-Hansen

Thanks to Mr. Hansen for letting us post this translated story. Please support


Danish Spitfires at War

Story by RAF_Drake

2000 Chris Kleffman Aircraft Tech and Commercial Pilot.


What Not to do With a Dripping Wet IFR Ticket

Story by RAF_Prune

2000 Air Commodore Roger Lowery, AM (Ret'd), RAAF.


A Bolt From the Blue

Story by RAF_Maserati

2002 RAF_Maserati aka John


Nerve Racking First Solo

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